Confidently Operate, Connect, and Regulate Your Solar Plant

Solar power producers face distinctive operational and control hurdles in managing photovoltaic solar and concentrated solar (parabolic trough or central tower) power plants. Their objective is to integrate renewable assets in a way that guarantees compliance with regulations, while minimizing costs, risks, and staffing implications. With the assistance of Ovation™ DCS and SCADA systems, these challenges can be overcome. These advanced systems enable effective control of crucial solar power generation processes, leading to improved operational efficiencies, increased megawatt production, and substantial long-term savings in operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.


Wind Turbine Control Software Designed to Maximize Production

Emerson provides scalable automation software and technologies that enable the consistent delivery of reliable and cost-effective wind-generated energy, overcoming location and weather-related obstacles. With over 50 years of innovation and expertise, backed by a global installation base of over 60,000 systems, Emerson offers integrated solutions tailored for wind turbine and farm performance optimization. Our purpose-built portfolio encompasses turbine and pitch control, farm optimization, SCADA systems, condition monitoring, and retrofit solutions. These comprehensive offerings are designed to maximize energy output, optimize costs, and ensure operational efficiency, empowering wind power producers to achieve high yields and long-term success.

Battery Energy

Battery energy storage systems play a crucial role in enabling the efficient and sustainable utilization of renewable energy sources. These systems store excess energy generated from sources such as solar or wind power, allowing for reliable and flexible electricity supply, grid stabilization, and peak demand management, thereby contributing to a greener and more resilient energy infrastructure.

Hydro Power

Fewer Shutdowns, Faster Startups and Efficient Load Dispatch

With their extended lifecycles, hydroelectric plants often continue to operate for over a century. By adopting a modernized control solution, you can enhance your plant's performance by optimizing power dispatch, prolonging its operational lifespan, and enhancing reliability and availability. The Ovation system offers a range of embedded applications, including turbine control, pond control, energy management, and equipment protection, among others. By leveraging these advanced capabilities, hydroelectric plant operators can minimize shutdowns, achieve faster startups, and streamline overall plant operations, leading to increased efficiency and improved performance.


Microgrid Controller Minimizes Operating Costs

Emerson's microgrid controls solution combines the Ovation™ control system and an integrated microgrid controller to efficiently manage distributed energy assets within a microgrid. This comprehensive solution enables the cost-effective production of low-carbon electricity while ensuring grid stability and operational resilience. By automating the control of microgrid components and macrogrid interconnections, Emerson's solution efficiently meets power demand and maintains stable operating conditions with minimal staffing requirements. This streamlined approach optimizes the performance of microgrid systems, enhancing their overall efficiency and reliability.